MAKE HER OVER HUNT 1 (09/25/11 - 10/25/11)

Please welcome, todays face of the Make Her Over is Lysa Helendale.

And here is her story: "As an ol' SL avatar Lyssa enjoys hunting, photography, and combining the two: exploring new locations in new clothing. The work of all the builders and texture artists of Secondlife have created a fasinating world for us all to explore. So frequently it is the quiet sims that have so much care put into them. From horrific sims based on Lovecraft, to futuristic sims based on the television show Firefly, or sims that simply rejoice in the recreating a perfect day under the ocean, there are photographic vistas created to be enjoyed by those in second life. But how can we enjoy them dressed in the same old clothes, that don't reflect the surroundings? I simply cannot. I must explore what new designers and clothing artists are doing. And Hunts are a way to discover "new talents' or old talents that you just never heard ofas well as building a wonderful wardrobe! The real life woman behind Lyssa is named "Lissa" by her friends, and uses Sl to clear her mind after a day plotting, writing, or cleaning her home. A degree in Philosophy and English led me to writing my science fiction series. When I finish a day in the strictly controlled world of my imagination, I want some fun. And SL and Lyssa allows that and gives the writer time to just play 'dress up' with her avatar".


(copy/past the link in your Local Chat, click on it and then click on JOIN button).

If you are a designer and would like to join Make Her Over Hunt 1, please fill up the first application and send it to Vic Zuzu.