MAKE HER OVER HUNT 1 (09/25/11 - 10/25/11)

Please welcome, todays face of the Make Her Over is Luc4s Saenz.

And here is his story: "I started to play SL In half 2006, because a friend told me about this place and i was just curious to try it... First it was just like a chat game with people to interact but it wasn't so fun for me, i spent most of the time on sandbox trying free things and those funny things for a newbie lol... After a couple of months i quited sl for around 6 months and focused more on my RL, but i was just curious about SL and i entered again to see what more had this world to offer me... The second time i meeted again with my friend who was owner of a sim of Vampires and a lot of Hispanic people so it was a lot of fun for me... There i learned how to be DJ and after that i was on some clubs "winning" some money and buying cool things, thats make SL a lot funnier... Then i meeted with a girl on a place that changed my Second life for ever... She is my partner now and she loves to blog things, so i learned to take some pics and im still learning... Im his Photographer ( But she guides me too lol... ), and i got some work taking pics for an store, but im still not a professional photographer, is just like my Hobby now. My Real Life is a lot different than my Sl, Im not a Photographer here, Im not Vampire either lol... I don't Usually talk much about it... I go to University, and It takes most of my day, on my Free Time, I spend it here, taking pics and talking with my Partner :) and on Weekends i usually go with friends or with my family... I Like to Read, and usually Write "Bad things" when i feel inspirated".


(copy/past the link in your Local Chat, click on it and then click on JOIN button).

If you are a designer and would like to join Make Her Over Hunt 1, please fill up the first application and send it to Vic Zuzu.