1. MHOH Temple - starting point of the hunt (take the hints).
  2. Kumaki by Koguma Kumaki.
  3. Xkorruptedx by Jj Choovio.
  4. Steinwerk by Aveline Stein.
  5. Urban Republic by Go Rae.
  6. NV by Kaori Fang.
  7. Damned by Damnedshop Resident.
  8. Aidoru by Jaraloy Swords.
  9. Crickets by Shannel Dulce.
  10. Bedlam by Seatyn Magic.
  11. Tamiron Forge by Tamiron Landar.
  12. A.M.K.R. by Marilyn Mistwallow.
  13. Swak Designs by Cadence Macpherson.
  14. G&T Creations by Greenie Lane.
  15. Reila Skins by Reila Karu.
  16. D&B by Nerukita Blackburn.
  17. Zaro Emporium by Romy Fhang.
  18. Alter Ego Shapes by Eimear Halcali.
  19. Zero Cool by Alyssalillian Mcminnar.
  20. Roughnecks by Harley Bennett.
  21. G-series by Gin Carter.
  22. Sweet Sin by Jaay Tiratzo.
  23. BC322 by Komari Mai.
  24. Dressed by Lexi by Lexi Roxan.
  25. Biohazard Rocker Wear by Captianmidget Parnass.
  26. DramaZone by Gewittertante Aabye.
  27. Tainted Designs by Palerider Darkwatch.
  28. N1co [Yafl] by Noreia Owen.
  29. Nala by Leona Iuga.
  30. Buildwerk by Gewittertante Aabye.
  31. Bound & Bitten by Juliasnow Fall.
  32. Shapes by Gia Tyles by Gia Tyles.
  33. Wild's Designs by Wild Bedrosian.
  34. Cloud III by Rayneclowd Resident.
  35. Tink by Bethany Felisimo.
  36. Back&Writer Bettys by Demi1 Back.
  37. Pichanga Poses by Agatha Klees.
  38. Phoebe Piercings by Phoebe Ubert.
  39. Simple Designs by George Mureaux.
  40. Ear Candy by Maeve Mortlock.
  41. Vels Boutique by Velcon Ethaniel.
  42. Seil Xpression by Seil Resident.
  43. Acide by Acide Innovia.
  44. Ferce Designs by Sally Soleil.
  45. Kabuki Creations by Naku Nishi.
  46. Mind Games by Venus Nurmi.
  47. Elora's Eternal Dreams by Elora Eternal.
  48. Sakide by Kinu Mayako.
  49. Roly-Poly by Licht Lapis.
  50. Ruby Skins by Carmella Ruby.
  51. B!asta by Bomboloni Freschi.
  52. MeDesign by Mega Elan.
  53. Silhouette Fashion by Julie Kitalpha.
  54. Shapes by Mim by Mimosa Devin.
  55. Xen's Hats by Xenobia Foxclaw.
  56. La Pepa Designs by Koldo Zaurak.
  57. C.Smit by Cynthia Smit.
  58. Aod Designz by Angelof Diesel.
  59. Marymac by Marymac Dougall.
  60. Artmefashion by Moonstone Eiren.
  61. BlondeQueen by Blondequeen Resident.
  62. Donna Flora by Squinternet Larnia.
  63. Air by Aslan Kish.
  64. DragonLady's Closet by Dragonlady Majestic.
  65. Babycakes by Christa Pizzicato.
  66. Naughty N Nice by Nikita Lightfoot.
  67. Trs by Manda Schmooz.
  68. Trixa Design by Kaiserw Kirby.
  69. M&C Factory by Maja Foxdale.
  70. Forme by Sunshine Davidov.
  71. Simply by Petedelux Brentano.
  72. Juneberry Art Glass by Twill Juneberry.
  73. Wild Style Fashions by April Looming.
  74. RnB Designs Furniture by Bethesa Hancroft.
  75. Heroes Clobber by Nightgirl Destiny.
  76. Together Inc. by Balsamico Bonetto & Ikaria Daviau.
  77. Kiwi by Aria Duffield.
  78. StarChild Designs by Tatiana Starsider.
  79. Lantern Evolution by Lantern Oyen.
  80. LC Designs by Kat Svenska.
  81. Amour Fashion by Khayman Karlsvalt.
  82. Sexy Design by Babyblue25 Tizzy.
  83. Beautiful Dirty Rich by Cameron Vasiliov.
  84. Nectar by Lyra Foxclaw.
  85. Arnadi by Dorian Deir.
  86. Black Sheep by Gucci Banx.
  87. Zenith by Miffyhoi Rosca.
  88. Purple Poses by Audrey Guter.
  89. Vero Modero by Bouquet Babii.
  90. Bella Fiore by Ennzzo Resident.
  91. CS Fandango by Christine Svenska.
  92. Be Yourself by Dillon Monday.
  93. Schwarz by Gelsi Ansome.
  94. Nowhere by Guta Dinzeo.
  95. We Heart You by Hermiione Resident.
  96. Karma's Kreations by Karma Maesar.
  97. Mortality by Kavon Chrome.
  98. Props N Poses by Penelope Rolendis.
  99. Feeel by Persenofee Yuhara.
  100. Serenity Designs by Ryanconway Serenity.
  101. Terra by Sara Alex.
  102. Wild Serenity by Teradawn Serenity.
  103. Aleida by Aleida Rhode.
  104. Cheapies & More by Bink Amaterasu.
  105. Static Clothing by Branwen Firanelli.
  106. Aphrodite by Marina Ramer.
  107. Tyn.Tin by Kristyn Naire.
  108. Fashion Emergency by Kev Brunswick.
  109. Anatomy by Karlab Resident.
  110. Eminence by Fearless Shamrock.
  111. Delta Libra Creations by Adachi Omizu.
  112. Silk and Passion by Bacidalucia Oh. 
  113. DQ Skins by Darah Quar.
  114. Pix-Elated Eclectic Designs by Karla Cadell.
  115. Kissy Design by Ksiusha Hykova.
  116. D&T Designs by Trish Brennen.
  117. Ducksnake by Geena Trill. 
  118. Ruca Tease by Bonadea Avedon and Roscko Cobalt.
  119. Island Style Design by Nickki Romano.
  120. Icons Of Style by Katia Millet.
  121. Wertina by Weronika Pobieski.
  122. Nacrs by Natalia Erin. 
  123. Lil' Bitz by Joiah Resident.
  124. Rockstar Clothing by Belle Mint. 
  125. Twinkleberry by Emiko Harvey.
  126. HKM Fashion by Heskemo Oyen.
  127. Pink Label Ltd by Talena Carissa.